I have the power!

January 7, 2011

There’s a great blog called Topless Robot that I visit daily. It’s full of gossip, news, trivia, what-have-you, and all of it focused on geek stuff. Recently, I found out that the main guy behind the site lives in my area, so on a whim I emailed him. I said … “Hey, in a totally plutonic way, want to meet up for a drink and geek out?”. I figured I’d never hear back from the guy (lets be honest, it did sound a bit “forward”), but out of the blue he responded and set a time to meet for beers. I dragged the wife along to show I had honorable intentions, and four hours later, with a buzz, a belly full of Star Wars references, and a bored wife, we called it. Since then he and I have hung out and bantered on email, and thru that I found out he’s a huge He-Man nerd. As a gift for my new found friend, just before Christmas, I sketched up his favorite hero in my best Shakespeare (or Ghost- if you prefer) referenced pose.

Alas poor Skeletor, I knew him well.



One Response to “I have the power!”

  1. Josh Unruh said

    I love this piece, man. I recently had my He-Man love rekindled and this hits the sweet spot. Nicely done.

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