Breast Cancer Month!

October 13, 2010

It’s the 2nd Annual MarlaBea Benefit Auction, and this year I’ve come up with a plan to avoid my mother having the winning bid on my sketch! Even though I can’t be angry with her because it was for a good cause, I went ahead and did THREE images for the benefit. Now, don’t go thinking I’m Mr. Charity, cause I ain’t! I simply couldn’t make up my mind, and before I knew it I had done multiple versions of the same concept. Instead of picking one and then wasting the other two, I decided to give them all up for auction. I selected Scarlet from G.I.Joe as my subject (since no one knows me for anything else) and decided to interpret the theme of “power” to really mean “Fire-Power”!

The sketches are online at the MarlaBea, but the important place to go is the actual ebay page. There are some great images available, but for those who might just want to see what I did, here are the three I whipped up!

The first go!



This one is actually on gray paper


These are all around letter size, drawn in ink with marker washes. I hope everyone will consider bidding, after all it is a good cause. If you don’t like the super hero stuff , check out the other images available, there are a ton of cute cartoons and I’m sure there’s something that will strike your fancy.

Thanks to everyone in advance!


4 Responses to “Breast Cancer Month!”

  1. Shane said

    Hey Shannon,
    I came over to see if you posted anything about your RAH news and was surprised to see these! Your Mom outbid me last year, but now that you and I have teamed-up (or at least you are giving me a fighting chance!) I gotta win!
    These pieces are really fantastic! Thanks for posting, now I have to head over to ebay…


  2. Shane said

    Winner! I don’t know if your Mom bid on anything, this year, but she didn’t win the second piece!


  3. kivus said

    You mom also did not win the first piece.

    Great job. Looking forward to adding it to my collection.

  4. slgallant said

    I did everything I could this year- she’s on a cruise in Europe without internet access! I do what I can. Enjoy the pieces- and thanks for bidding- it’s a great cause!

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