Baltimore Con is Go!

August 16, 2010

I’m a lucky guy, with giving friends- so thru the generosity of Richard Thompson (creator of Cul De Sac) I will be attending the Baltimore Con over the weekend of August 28th and 29th.


Whew- that’s a lot of links!

Richard is sharing his table with me, located in the Comic Book Diner Fun Zone. He has decided that since everyone else will be selling printed material- that we will be doing something- different. According to Richard “…in lieu of comics we’ve decided to run a sticky carnival food stand with cotton candy, funnel cakes and soft-serve ice cream, as so few treats of this nature are ever available in close proximity to printed material!” So come early, and bring your wallets! I mean appetites.

I tried to design Richard a big fancy banner, but he decided to scent of funnel cakes will do more to attract our prey, er, customers, than any trendy “banners” will. If the printing goes correctly, you’ll be able to find us under my banner, and although not as “eye catching” as something with massive super heroine mammaries on others, you still might notice it.

In other words - "I am here"

Hope to see you all there- and those I don’t- sorry you didn’t clear customs!


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