Another trip to the NGA

March 26, 2010

So being in-between books I decided to take a day off and run down to the National Gallery again to do more sketches.

First – “Portrait of Young Woman in White”– 1798. This isn’t credited to David but you can see his signature smooth approach to the painted surface in the original. When I went to the NGA with my comic friends the other day (as I posted) one of the group really liked it. As he said “I like that one, you know… the “tittie” one.” – classic.

"Young Woman in a White Dress"- Circle of David

This is one of my faves from the small french impressionists area in the east gallery, by James Joseph Tissot- Hide and Seek-1877

one subject from Tissot's "Hide and Seek"

I loved this Van Dyck image for the elegant dress, and although I don’t do it justice, it has beautiful gold detailing. Marchesa Balbi – 1623

"Marchesa Balbi" by Sir Anthony Van Dyck

This one was new to me, “Miss Beatrice  Townsend” -1882. I love Singer Sargent for his simplicity- he makes things look so effortless. The entire image looks like a sketch because of the large blocked out areas of color, but once you get to the girl’s face, he defines just enough of the image to show the character of the girl. Now to me, I saw a playful kid, but a passer by commented “I bet she was a stuck up, handful”. Only Sargent knew for sure. I had to meet someone, so I didn’t get to add the dog that was in the portrait. Maybe next time.

"Miss Beatrice Townsend" by John Singer Sargent

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