Oh Mom!

December 13, 2009

OK- it’s been months- literally, but I’ll try to post a bit more as the days leading up to the new year pass along. For now, let me tell you a tale, about a mother. One that is very proud, but very silly, concerning her youngest boy. This boy tells his mom about a charity auction that he’s doing art work for. One that is selling signed drawings by various artists to raise money for Breast Cancer research. (Can you tell where this is going?) He sends her a link so she can coo over the fact, but really so she can see the drawing he’s done for that charity auction. Think of it as an internet version of the fridge door, but no magnets necessary. She says to him- “How do I bid on that?”, to which he replies “You don’t. You’re my mom. You don’t need to buy my art, ’cause I can draw you whatever you want.”

She didn’t listen- sigh. How embarrassing is this? Her justification? Because I never sign anything I give her- but this was guaranteed to have a signature. Argh.

Mom strikes again

8 Responses to “Oh Mom!”

  1. John Kivus said

    So I was bidding against your mom? I don’t feel nearly as bad at getting outbid now, especially since the money went to great cause.

    Have a Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

  2. slgallant said

    Yeah but how embarrassing is that? My MOM. Ugh- it makes me pull my hat down over my eyes and hide in the corner.

    Thanks for trying- and as you said- it was for a good cause.

  3. H2O said

    Well … she’s got good taste.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year from your biggest Dutch fan! Of course also to your mom!

  4. Ma Dogg said

    OK, how come I wasn’t shown how to bid? She has a signed pic and I don’t! By the way, bright your Leg Lamp Christmas stocking to OKC so Santa will know where you are!
    Ma Dogg

  5. Ma Dogg said

    Bad spelling – Bring the sock.
    Ma Dogg

  6. Den said

    I totally would have bid on that, but the postage to the UK would have been freakish.

  7. Tom said

    She kept raising the price on me — a guy’s mom shouldn’t be bidding stuff up at auction….

  8. Lisa said

    Funny! I saw that on her wall last night. She didn’t tell me the story! Thanks for the wishes!

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