Day off?

July 29, 2009

Sort of.

The only time I really have off is when I’m in-between books waiting for approval on thumbnails. Lately I’ve decided to use this time to remind myself of why I like living in DC. Biggest reason? Free galleries! The National Gallery, the American Indian museum (trust me don’t call them and refer to it as the Native American museum- they hate that!), Freer/Sackler, and others.  I love to go down there and do drawings based on the paintings in black and white on a neutral colored paper, usually craft/brown paper. It’s never about reproducing the images, but more about looking at the paintings/art with a detailed eye. Trying to figure out what they did and WHY they did it. Right now there is a Judith Leyster exhibit at the National, which was fun for me. For some reason this style really compliments the Flemish painters and Impressionists – go figure. No more talk… enjoy.

Judith Leyster- Flute player – Original


My version… I made his face too thin, but whaddah you want for 30 minutes?


A Franz Hals- but of course.


My pathetic attempt… needed to puff up his eyes more. Or he needs a trip to Sephora?

After_Franz Hals

A Thomas Eakins…


I never got the face right. Damn kids today.


Lastly, this was done from Rodin terra cotta study, so this was a bit more difficult. Especially since it was in a square case with the corner being exactly in the middle of the face because of the angle I chose.

Not the same angle…


But I tried!


Those pouty darn lips drove me nuts- well that and the Indian couple who kept hovering while I was trying to draw! Grrrrr- tourists!

3 Responses to “Day off?”

  1. Man, I could go for a Diet Dr Pepper & Captain Morgan’s now.

  2. H20 said

    Nice drawings. Hadn’t heard of Judith Leyster before, but can see that she must have been influenced by Frans Hals and Jan Steen. Think you should come to the Netherlands to see some more of her work (and see us 😉 ).

  3. Mike Rhode said

    Excellent exhibit, wasn’t it?

    Nice drawings you did.

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