April 6, 2009

With the release of my movie prequel starring Destro (aka Christopher Eccleston), I thought I’d show some pages from the book that were a challenge for me, because of the amount of costume and set changes they had. Through the course of one issue it ranges from a Civil War era battle field, a modern Parisian airport, the fancy streets and slums of Paris, to a Scottish Castle. The details of costume alone were causing me fits (yet another issue for the “sans-life” fan-boys to dig thru with a fine tooth comb), but the architecture was also giving me trouble. It’s one thing to write “Scottish castle”, or “Parisian slums”, but finding references for those, even with the aid of the internet, is a chore. They are, however, a must if one wants to establish a setting, or a visual timeline. In this case Mr. Dixon was showing the similarities in the lives of the entire Destro clan through the ages. If the reader doesn’t get a sense of the passage of time, then the book fails. Some are already saying I didn’t do enough, for that visit the IDW Forums here.

All I can say is, I did my best in the 12 hours it took to draw each page. Perhaps you’ll get the mood I was hoping for from each environmental change; from the gritty American battlefield, the sleek Parisian airport, the hopeless tenements, or the grandeur of a Scottish castle. Enjoy- despite the fact that guns are slightly wrong. 😛





Next month- the Baroness!

2 Responses to “Destro!”

  1. Tarot said

    I just wanted to tell you that I loved your artwork in this.

  2. you captured Destro perfectly in these panels. I’m going to pick up the book next time I go to the comic store.

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