Mo Monsters

March 25, 2009

As promised, here are a few pages in pencil and their final version, from the comic adaptation of MvA. My art can be seen on the second half of the book, as the first part was draw by Alex Dalton who did a great job. Even with our adherence to the character design, you can see the switch over. Alex has a nice clean style, that focuses on the characters, mine is much more- cluttered. Regardless, if you can’t tell the AD-SG switch over, it happens during the Golden Gate bridge scene. In my first attempt at the opening page, I was so excited about drawing “Link” (the Creature) who is my fave of the characters based on his look, I made him the focal point of the page. Unfortunately the script specifically asked that Ginormica be the focus. Oh well, so as a bonus to everyone out there, here are the original version of that page,  the final revised pencils, Gary Erskine’s inks, and the colored art. The nice thing about this, is you can see how the same information in a scene can be shown, but the focus can be shifted by the artist, who had other priorities at the time.

Here’s the original script that I was working from for this page. 

Splash page: Recapping the end of the last issue: Susan is in the clutches of the Alien robot’s claw, she is struggling to prise it apart as the robot pulls her towards its grinding equipment in its open middle section. Angle this so we are looking up at the action and Susan is twisted so we can see her straining face. We’re on the Golden Gate Bridge, so frame the shot with its famous pillars and suspension cable. The bridge is canted at an angle where the weight of the robot has tilted it. Terrified civilians are leaving their cars and running towards us in a blind panic. Make this all very 50’s B-movie poster style.

CAP: This wasn’t the way Susan Murphy thought she’d be spending her honeymoon: being attacked by a killer robot from beyond the stars.

CAP: But then again, she didn’t plan on getting struck by a meteor on her wedding day and growing to the size of 50 stories.

CAP: It’s funny the way things turn out sometimes. She’s now a member of a government team of monsters on a mission to stop a potential alien invasion.

CAP: She’s GINORMICA – and she’s in trouble!

SUSAN: Oh boy, this is not going well! Guys! A little help here!

Here’s the version I sent, which was quickly rejected by a sympathetic (but hard-nosed) Andrew James. Yeah, I just wanted to draw Link, what can I say. Shout out: Andrew went thru a LOT on this book, from me and Dreamworks, but he was a trooper. 


Now how it was supposed to be.


Now the awesome inks by Gary Erskine. 

mva_03_01_inks1Lastly the colored version.

mva_03_01_clrWell, the film comes out Friday, and although I don’t get anything from the take on the film, I hope everyone will get a chance to see it. Unlike Watchmen there isn’t a giant, er, uh… if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m talking about. Enjoy!


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