March 14, 2009

So now that the first issues of the GI Joe movie prequel has hit the shelves, I can finally post some art from them. The first issue was a bit of a challenge for me as I never served in the military. Additionally, I’m not into guns, tanks, planes, bombs, killing, paratroopers, C-17s, M-16s, frag grenades, or any of that overly macho stuff. My knowledge of those things is equal to that of the mating practices of the woodworm… nil. I try my best to get all the details right (but the fan boys are already trying to nitpick it death on the IDW forums- so head over there for a laugh). I do my best, but what kills me is when everything else is correct, they never consider what I did, was done for a reason. Naw, they never think of that. Ultimately it’s a comic book, and considering what some other guys call research, I don’t feel so bad. Of course they never point out what I got right! Anyway, below are a couple of thumbnails for the issue, none of which give much away in terms of story, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the process again. 

The first is page 08 from the issue, and this one is already getting gripes from comic book guy’s real life counterparts. Evidently I placed the soldier with the SAW rifle in the wrong spot, so I’ll remember that when I’m on a mission. I didn’t know this comic book was supposed to be a training manual for jungle warfare. Anyway, it was intentional since the guy is a friend of mine and whenever I had the chance, I pushed him to the front, regardless of accuracy. Besides if you’re that picky about military details then why bother reading a fictional story about a secret elite fighting force that only battles a clown costumed organization, pathetically trying to dominate the world, while being led by the most inept strategic planner  in history, who also has a lisp? To borrow a catch phrase… I digress. 


Next is page 15, more jungle, more covert stuff. I enjoyed this one because I was excited to do this first panel. Don’t ask me why, maybe it was the angle or something that made it fun. It just had that feel from when I was a kid running around in the woods behind my house playing Photon with Mike. I never won, hence my short lived desire to join the military as a kid. I had cannon fodder written on my head from the word go- no thank you.


Come back in a day or two and I’ll post final art and color versions of these for comparison. Other than that, hit the stores, grab some copies, and if you feel up to it, post some support in the IDW forums.

Later next week, my work on the Titan Books adaptation of Dreamworks’ Monsters Vs Aliens will hit the stands and I’m going to throw up a couple of pages from that as well. It’s always fun for me to do realistic stuff like Joe and then turn around to do something more cartoonish like MvA. Keeps the chops fresh. Until then, have a great weekend.


2 Responses to “Yo JOE!”

  1. Josh said

    It sucks that you’re getting that much blow back. Methinks Chuck Dixon set the bar too high on Punisher War Journal oh so long ago. Can’t wait to see more of the finished stuff!

  2. Lt. H2O@NL said

    Great work! I have directly pre-ordered it directly on Amazon.com for whatever it is worth (but it will take till this summer to get this stuff is available in Europe).

    I could not help thinking about a certain person joking about fleeing to Canada as official draft dodger … and now he’s drawing the real American Hero! Oh well good for you!

    Finally got the Avengers and Mark Bolan in this weekend. Great stuff.

    Cheers chap, former Lt. H2O a.k.a. as a big fan!

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