February 26, 2009

So as you saw in my last post, I did a drawing of a friend’s wife for him, as a present to her. He’s been overly kind by giving me a couple of awesome books as gifts in return. Well, add to that this fantastic drawing he did of my wife! We love it, he even got the right her boxing gloves in there! 


Picture Pages, picture pages!

Picture Pages, picture pages!

2 Responses to “Payback!”

  1. GMon said

    I think there may be something wrong with you scanner because I distinctly remember the original being a lot more life-like. In any event, thanks again for your drawing!

  2. Josh said

    Hey Shannon! I know for a fact you’re doing some really interesting stuff and I keep returning to the blog to hear about it but we haven’t had an update in FOREVER. Tell me more cool stuff and stop being the anti-Twitter!


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